Nutrition Research Information Network (NUTRINET), a network of food, nutrition, health and related libraries and information resource centers of government and private institutions led by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), conducted the NUTRINET Strategic Planning Workshop: 2018-2020 on May 8-10, 2018.

The activity was co-sponsored by the Department of Health-Knowledge Management and Information Technology Services (DOH-KMITS) and DOST-FNRI. It was held at Destination Hotel, Tagaytay City.

The objectives of the Strategic Planning Workshop were to: (1) develop a three-year strategic plan of NUTRINET that will embody its goals and directions for 2018-2020, (2) identify the needs of the network in terms of meeting its objectives, (3) align the structure and functions of NUTRINET to the ICT needs of each member institution’s clients and partners, and (4) identify NUTRINET projects and activities that are relevant and responsive to new ICT platforms.

Day 1 started with Dr. Milflor S. Gonzales, Chair of NUTRINET Technical Committee and Chief Science Research Specialist of the DOST-FNRI, welcoming the NUTRINET Technical Committee (TecCom) on behalf of Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Chair, NUTRINET Governing Board and Director, DOST-FNRI.

As a respite before the technical sessions, the NUTRINET TecCom viewed a video presentation of NUTRINET History produced by Department of Science and Technology-Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII).

Ms. Nelly B. Agpawa, Science Research Specialist II of DOST-STII, presented ICT-enhanced Information Resource Station. She highlighted the latest technology in DOST-STII Library using Augmented Reality or the Science and Technology Augmented Reality (STAR) Library. She also shared the customization of ScINET Integrated Library Management System (SILMS) into ScINET Library Management System (SLiMS). After the talk, some TecCom members aired their queries and concerns in the open forum.

After the presentation, Dr. Capanzana gave his message to the NUTRINET TecCom. He stressed that whether the NUTRINET has funds or not, the Network keeps on moving.  He briefly explained the industrial 4.0 concept and the internet of things (IoT). He challenged the NUTRINET TecCom members to use the current ICT where information is just a click of a finger away.

Mr. Dexter Y. De Leon, Head of NUTRINET Secretariat and Science   Research Specialist II of the DOST-FNRI, presented the NUTRINET’s Accomplishment Report for 2015 to 2017. He hoped that the Network’s increasing annual budget will continue to grow in order to execute its future plans.

Dr. Gonzales gave the overview of the workshop that set the tone for the activities. This was followed by her presentation about Strategic Planning. She concluded the discussion by a statement that “Knowledge of one’s agency’s strategic plan is imperative not just because through it you are able to inform the public of the agency’s reason for existence but also because it allows you to see the bigger picture of why you do what you do individually as an employee.”

During Workshop I, the TecCom members were divided into four committees namely: Capability Building Committee, NUTRINET Database Committee, Publicity and   Promotion Committee and Adopt-A-Library Committee. Each committee reviewed their respective 2015-2017 Action Plan and discussed whether plans were undertaken, issues, problems encountered, and solutions. After accomplishing the form, each committee presented their outputs.

Day 2 began with recap of the activities of day 1 by Dr. Gonzales. The four working committees crafted plans and determined the target time and budget allocation of each plan. The Workshop ended with the presentation and review of strategic plan by groups.

Day 3 started with Dr. Gonzales, giving the recap of day 2. It was followed by finalization of plans that were consolidated by Mr. De Leon. He also led the open discussion for the plans to be settled and the pledge of commitment with the NUTRINET TecCom.

Dr. Enrique A. Tayag, Director IV of DOH-KMITS, gave his message to the NUTRINET TecCom. He also shared about his endeavour that each Filipino will attain the highest level of health and the e-Health bill that is being discussed in the Congress and Senate. He ended his talk by challenging the Network to disseminate the information about food and nutrition to the poorest Filipinos. The NUTRINET TecCom had a zumba session with him.

Ms. Nancy T. Beraquit, Head Librarian of University of the Philippines Diliman-College of Home Economics (UPD-CHE), gave the synthesis. In her synthesis, she felt enthusiastic during the 3-day workshop. She was delighted that tasks of each committee were finished on time and all committees produced quality outputs. She also reminded the NUTRINET TecCom of the challenges given by Dr. Capanzana and Dr. Tayag that should be addressed by NUTRINET. She hoped that every plan will be achieved on its target time.

Dr. Gonzales gave her closing remarks. She stressed that the existence of NUTRINET is very important. She was happy because of the participation of Dr. Capanzana and Dr. Tayag in the NUTRINET Strategic Planning Workshop. She also congratulated the NUTRINET TecCom and the Secretariat for the successful strategic planning workshop. Dr. Gonzales advised the NUTRINET TecCom members to always find time to relax despite having many work loads. In the end, she compared the NUTRINET’s 18 member institutions to an 18-year old debutant that is coming out of age.

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