The Network



The Nutrition Research Information Network (NUTRINET) consists of institutions whose libraries and documentation section of information centers have linked-up to establish a specialized information system in food, nutrition and related fields.


The objective of the Network is to achieve an efficient flow of information required by the nutrition and nutrition-related R&D (research and development) programs or projects of the Network members and the rest of the country’s scientific community.


The creation of NUTRINET was initiated in 1986 by the Department of Science and Technology - Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) in a meeting with Department of Science and Technology - Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII), Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines (NFP), National Institute of Science and Technology [now Department of Science and Technology - Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI)]. This eventually resulted in the formation of the Network on July 31, 1987 to formulate its plan of work. On July 19, 1988 the NUTRINET MOA was signed by the original 14 member-agencies to implement the plans.



Governing Board



The NUTRINET Governing Board is composed of the heads of the Network member-institutions, or their representatives representing four sectoral groups, namely: the academe (8 members), research (4 members), health and nutrition services (5 members), and industry (1 member). The Board is chaired by the Director of DOST-FNRI. The Vice Chairman is the Director of DOST-STII.



Technical Committee



The Technical Committee is composed of designated representatives from the technical staff of each member-institution. This committee is in charge of planning and implementation of the activities of the Network.






The Secretariat is comprised of the staff of the DOST-FNRI Information Resource Unit (IRU) and assists the Technical Committee in project implementation.

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